A great illusion has been cast over your eyes by your own mind. The illusion being that change is somehow avoidable, as if this realm were an island of still time in the ebbing flow of the universe.

Perhaps you should remember that as well as Avalon changing due to the presence of us all, so too do we all change with our presence in Avalon.

It might also be noted that I don't particular care for the tone you adopted in your post as it seemed to show a marked lack of common sense bordering on the obstructive. I myself recall a happier time when the divine residents of olympus would have j

ust zapped you simply for being a whiner. Alas those days are gone so one must content oneself with telling you in no uncertain terms that change is what Avalon is all about. Changing quests into Xp, changing goods into gold and, of course, turning li

ve players into dead players.

At one hundred and twenty I suggest you're just running though a mid-life crisis and whilst we all thank you for sharing, perhaps you could just go and mutter to yourself in a corner until you get yourself all sorted out agaon.

Oh yes, and shut up.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Agamnion, in the year 1038.