Mi'Lord, I never have nor will I ever claim to have a millionth of your most Divine Wisdom. I can only speak from a mortal perspective, and I write what my mortal eyes have seen. How can a simple ant compare itself to the awesome complexity of the hum

an organism? Quite simply, that is how we as mortals compare to the Gods. At least, that is my perspective.

And three to four years, Lord? Again I must invoke my claim of mortal ignorance, for from my mortal perspective I have lived over one hundred and twenty years. Perhaps you speak of some reference to time that my frail mortal mind cannot grasp. I am mo

st certain that is the case, either that, or I great illusion has been cast over mine eyes.

In Eternal Servitute to Our Lady of Vengeance,

Silvanus, Humble Before the Might of the Divinities

Written by my hand on the 18th of Agamnion, in the year 1038.