"Lofty" Ideals and Their Place in Our Depraved world.

Lord Silvanus, the Lupine of Vengeanceto Everyone

Fair enough. After a bit of meditation upon the most wise and wonderous thoughts of a few gods who shall remain nameless, I shall remain on. I see that what has happened to this realm is not my concern to fix, nor my concern to bother about.

As the Divine Ones seem to have no issue with this philosophy of life, then this is how the world shall be. Although 'twas not always like this, this is what it has become, thus I am forced to adapt or be extinguished.

This is the affair of the Divinities, and as the Enlightened One has told me once before, \"They have chosen to fight fire with fire. \"

So hath the cruel lessons of this modern age been taught to this ancient former druid, seer, wizard, astrolger, and yes even mage. Perhaps such ideals are archaic, but I see that they will not survive.

I am reborn. I have been overwhelmed by the mentality of the masses and thus I cast aside my \"lofty\" ideals.

Rejoice, Avalon, I no longer care.

In all things is the Will of the Lady made evident,

Silvanus, the Lupine of Vengeance

Written by my hand on the 10th of Agamnion, in the year 1038.