Yes, you're right, you did jump into a discussion. Hence why my post was directed at Dunccan and not you. The post raised a query about what Dunccan called Tactical Genius.

His post was commenting upon the actions taken by Zenichiro in the recent hosilities. You assumed in your original post that I was questioning Dunccans honour or integrity in some way.

I merely pointed out that for Zenichiro to have used a smaller force would have been tactical suicide rather than tactical Genius.

Now onto the matter of abuse of you. I know very well the incident you harken upon. The reason I know it well is because I very rarely resort to the afflictions of obscenity unless someone is getting upon my tit.

At the time I was aiding a guildmate who was felling staves. You were pointedly attacking me whilst still being very new. (You may even have been LW at the time). I told you to pack it in on several occasions.

You persisted, where upon I pointedly told you to piss off before I squashed you like a fly. Now, even though I am Thakrian, and of course as we all know All Thakrians love to kill LW's (Note for Kes this is called Sarcastic Humour and not an admissio

n of guilt)

I draw the line at that. Hence I spat mandrake at you, paralysed you and basically rendered you less annoying.

Don't bother responding anymore to this point Narkalla. I'm sure people reading this board have a lot better things to do. If you feel I have insulted you in anyway, take it up with me off of here.

Regards. Brother Cimares.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Agamnion, in the year 1038.