Learning to read.....

Right, now you've given me your retort, I'll give you mine, and then I'll close the book on it.

1. At no point did I assume that you would abuse me because you were Thakrian, nor did I say any such thing in my post to you.

2. I read your message quite thoroughly, thank you, and I consider no comment I made regarding that post to be ignorant or mis-informed. My post was a response to yours. Nothing more.

In your post you mentioned NOTHING about Dunccan questioning Zenichiro's tactical planning, which I have not commented on.

I accept what you say about reading the helpfiles, and thank you for that, I wasn't actually aware that there were specific helpfiles on war - I'll go and read those. But please bear in mind that I wasn't commenting about specific events!

Finally, in your post which I replied to, you mentioned nothing about Dunccan's understaning of Zenichiro's tactics.

In fairness though, I may have jumped into the middle of a discussion/argument/whatever about the Dunccan/Zenichiro affair, so you assumed I had read previous posts about it. In fact, the title of my post quite clearly mentioned the number I was reply

ing to - ie your post.

One last point - I do know something about you - you sent me a lovely little tell during a battle with lost of four-letter abuse, and I have judged you on that basis, and on the basis of your reply to me (17436).

If you feel I have misjudged you, then I suggest you say something to change my mind!

Written by my hand on the 18th of Leaflost, in the year 1038.