Hmm, You know nothing about me Narkalla and yet you assume because I am Thakrian I will send a tirade of abuse down upon you.

I could abuse you for your lack of patience and ignorant assumptions, and your failure to read my message properly. But I wont.

Dunccan questioned Zenichiro's tactical genius for taking a hugely overpowered force to the walls of the city. I merely pointed out that for Zenichiro to take a hugely underpowered force would be the actions of a possibly insane mind.

Zenichiro's genius stems from his understanding of the forces at work in War in Avalon. He was up against a largeish force, in a highly fortified area.

ignorance full you wish to understand more Narkalla, and then be in a position to comment, I suggest you read as many of the Helpfiles on war as you possibly can. Then take part in several of the major campaigns thats have taken place.

At that point you will understand that I was not questioning Dunccans honour or integrity in anyway, merely his understanding of Zenichiros Genius.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Hindyear, in the year 1038.