Marie of Parriusto Creal, Quick Fingered Rogue

Please get your facts/propaganda right before you post your ignorance on here for all to see.

We have no quarrel with Thakria and they have none with Parrius, we have no pacts, deals or treaties or hidden agendas with them, we simply have neutrality between us, one that works due to mutual respect.

As for helping Parrius, we have neither asked nor received help in our war effort with Mercinae, though no doubt a few Thakrians might have wandered in to toast their marshmallows in the Mercinaean flames, we have and are doing a great job of teaching

Mercinae that they cannot mess with us and expect to get away with it. We do happen to have a brilliant strategist in the form of out FM Zenichiro.

We do not bother to sound our trumpets on here, we are just quietly and efficiently getting on with the job.

Marie of Parrius

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Ilmarael, in the year 1038.