Creal, Quick Fingered Rogueto Everyone

I don't really want to involve myself in a debate of the current war

mainly because it's not something I'm involved in, but I would like to say

a few words about something related. I'd like to think Huzow for doing such

a great job detailing the Parrian war effort for all of us on the public

BB, and for making the Parrian presence felt throughout the realms. I'm

sure Parrius is probably insanely happy to have him as a citizen, and doing

all the little things they miss for them. I was always under the impression

that the Sorcerers were a devoutly Thakrian guild, and owed their allegiance

only to that city, but it's nice to see that things can change here in Avalon.

To Huzow, Proud Parrian Sorcerer

Creal, Going back to his hole now...

p. s. - Oh must give a nod to all the other Parrians helping the war effort.

Zakath, Kalysta, Aerian... doing a great job y'all.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Ilmarael, in the year 1038.