Treaty Violations.

How soon you forget it seems that the invasion was a response to the knights guild selfishly attacking Parrian troops by the Halfway Tavern.

I say selfishly because in doing so, the knights' act brought the ire of Parrius down on a city which has been working rather hard to rebuild itself and has actually begun to achieve things of which to be proud.

Though there are some fairly decent members, I am sickened by the knights guild as a whole and what it has become. It has egotistically set itself apart from the rest of the city. On no other board is there discussion about how much members hate membe

rs of the city government much less such prolonged discussion of that subject. It comes, I suspect from holding you up as its example rather than some of the finer members of yore.

What point was there in attacking the Parrian troops? There was no advantage to be gained as they could and did easily crush your guild troops. All that was accomplished was to give the Parrians a fairly valid excuse to walk in.

I have discussed all this with Ragar, but in his desire to not alienate the few fine members of the knights guild, he has chosen to say \"Ah well, good effort\" and have the entire city rise and suffer in the defence of the selfish, ungrateful few.

Saying that Zenichiro was threatening to invade and was building up forces is a poor excuse. He has been saying that for the last 17 years of the treaty. Had he done so, you would have a valid claim.

Even now, he has marched into Mercinae and only destroyed that which stood between him and your guild. That he hasn't gotten around to looting stores is probably just a coincidence as he threatened to invade the alchemists and tried to extort cash fro

m them. (And, just fyi to those who have accused them, they haven't moved a thing from the guild stores, nor have they given gold to friends.) And there was probably a good chance there might have been another invasion after the treaty was up.

The thing is--Zenichiro says he will do a lot of things, but you can't damn him for doing them until he has done them. The knights were the first to break the treaty (and don't say they weren't included in the treaty, it was agreed that the the spirit

as well as the letter of the agreement would be adhered to.). Whether it was because you believe him or for some other reason, it remains broken and you have the least reason to cry foul.

Proteus, god of the sea

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midsummer, in the year 1038.