Tig's Violation.

Inshallah of the Nightto Everyone

You'd think this was all some crime invented especially for Tig and that no consideration had ever been given to the problems associated with having a myriad of multi-powered, magic using, sword-wielding well developed characters running around in the

same place as young, impressionable, harmless, inept, inexperienced characters.

Well I hate to say it but this isn't a new problem nor one that has not been looked at many, many times.

As proof of this I quote BB's mentioning the same problem (11239 & 5014) which are far enough a part to prove this problem doesn't come and go with some magic adjustment made by the senior gods.

Finally I'd just like to point out that once in Avalon things were very different, hehe, and ask you to consider the realm that spawned BB 1030.......

Avalon may have changed since the times before my journey in the wilderness but it hasn't changed that much. The weak are preyed on by the strong, the cities compete and fight for power and control, and poisons are still a source of endless BB's (See


Inshallah of the Night

Written by my hand on the 7th of Skyelong, in the year 1038.