Sir Duroc of Mercinaeto Everyone

I understand even Helkarakse wouldn't do things that are now considered quite common and acceptable in some circles, that being the stripping of newbies, LWs and all.

Avalon does claim to be \"newbie friendly\", at least on Mudconnector, perhaps that is old though, and should be updated to \"newbies stay away, we don't want any new players\"?

I understand once upon a time fewer gods smiled on benignly, as they watched these things go on. Indeed, some of these actions would have been met with swift DFs. Apparently things must have changed considerably though. Wouldn't know personally, ju

st saying what I have heard.

At any rate, I think the overall response has been truly pathetic, with more people now targetting Tig for stripping, and all those who do it, and support it, well, sorry, you aren't worthy of anyones respect.

Have a nice day!

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Skyelong, in the year 1038.