Ragar, Claws of the Seato Zenichiro, Master of Lore

I wanted to post our offical response to your demand zeni, erm mean Parrius demands, sorry little slip.

We will not sacrifice a guild to save our city, to do so would be to betray the trust of every guild and citizen that reside within our walls.

Even if the guild does not always operate as the city leaders want, In mercinae we dont believe in destroying what belongs with us to make the whole picture better. You have proven that this is acceptable in Parrius, but not in Mercinae.

I am not going into who wanted this war and who didnt, who cares, many tried for years for peace, but the contingents on both sidea that wanted war have succeeded, so here we sit.

you can try and justify an army 3 times the size of ours being threatened all you want, it doesnt matter, there is always an excuse to be angry or attack or destroy, thats not true power, for you never actually destroy more than brick and mortor, its

incovienent and a pain in the ass to rebuild every 20 years, but if that is the price we pay to believe and live in a different manner than others, we accept and understand that as well.

One day you wont have your boot on the throat of avalon, and I shall laugh loudest as your citizens cry for mercy from an invader, it will happen, all things change, maybe 100 years but it will happen.

Our citizens are not the divided city you defeated last time, though our numbers wont be enough troops wise. You and your city will pay a dear price for your unholy spoils. that I promise you.

so call out your Thakrian hordes, snap the leash of your government and march on us, we shall fight to the last and laugh at you the entire time.

Ragar , Prince of Mercinae


Written by my hand on the 1st of Cloudburst, in the year 1038.