Skill Use.

Artisan Allanon, Of Springdaleto Everyone

Whilst I would agree generally with your comments regarding use of the skills

being dependant upon the person I would generally agree but point out a significant


The time when the cries of \"inbalance\" are loudest almost invariably arise either when

a particularly skill is used in a clever or buggy fashion or when someone chooses to use

a skill in an excessive or peverse way.

There have been some very notbale examples in Avalons recent history such as follows:

(btw I would point out that over the years Avalons skills have been tighther and tighter

revised to eliminate obvious bugs that upset the balance0

Seers - poison addiction.

Loremasters - Portable Staves

Currently we have certain seers using their skills in very very effective ways but it

is as much to do with the way they use them as the relative \"power\" of the skil itself.

For example breldiar is both rare and costly as is aldesh - a determined seer can constantly

curse pessimism and hayfever from afar and leave the land if in danger.

This is multiplied by the heads skill - the actual cost of just staying in the land

becomes absolutely crazy and we are not talking about herb/poison use during a fight

You are correct that complaining often doesnt get things changed - this is true

but sometimes the perspectives of those using (or particularly suffering) from the skills

is amusing.

I am sure if babdidi cursed everyone on-line he could with pessimism etc

in a constant logging on and logging off cycle enough noise would be made to look

at both the skills and more inportantly the cures.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Mournsend, in the year 1038.