Babidi's proposal.

Abbot Elbethamore, Mystic of the Watery Depthsto Everyone

I think Babidi raises some valid arguments.

With the use of the galloping or mountjump skill, a seer can get an initial bond without placing himself in real danger and then be back in the safety of his guildhouse in a matter of seconds. With reasonable guild defenses, and the common sense not t

o be summoned or traversed to, the seer can then use farbond and puppet bond to reach 36 bonds, and in this scenario the target of this attack is without recourse against the seer.

The remaining 4 bonds are not too difficult, if the seer has any skill. Thus this method of attack has little in the way of practical defense, but can effectively keep the target indoors or dp indefinitely, as long as the seer is online.

I think a modification which would at least impede seers using this method ought to be entertained.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Midwinter, in the year 1038.