Rare plants review. Midsummer 1037.

Kal Zakathto Everyone

Having extensively researched the flora and fauna of the land, I

am in a position to publish some preliminary results concerning the

population of certain rare species of plants.

In a sample area of Greenwood, Wildland, the major cities and a smattering

of villages, the levels of Grimleaf, Denallo and Kelventari have been


Grimleaf currently grows in over 108 locations in the area sampled compared

to 39 locations for Denallo and 68 locations for Kelventari.

In conclusion, since the species denallius cureallius, and kelventarus

glowindarkus are growing at levels sufficient for supply to all citizens,

the illicit substance grimleaf should be growing sufficiently to satisfy


I wait with interest comments from the Rangers and Theives.


Donations for the faculty of botany, University of Thakria welcome!

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midsummer, in the year 1037.