Loremaster Pricing Guide.

Loremaster Yairito Everyone

The Loremasters Guild is pleased to announce its new Suggested Retail Price List.

ELIXIRS (also known as potions to the great unwashed). Refill - 100

gp (standard colour) 150 (custom colour). Fashion Bottle - 50 gp (customer

supplies glass).

RUNES. Fashion - 50 gp (customer supplies silver). Refashion - 100

(customer supplies rune). Unattach - Free (we keep runes) 100 gp

each (customer keeps runes). Smelt - 50 gp per rune. 100 gp

extra charge for unattaching or smelting if item is anchored.

Staves - price quotes on request.

TRANSMUTING 100 gp per ore OR 50% of silver obtained.

MAGIC ITEMS (customer supplied items). Spell Focus - Free.

Charging - 150 gp. Essencing - 100gp (divided up if multiple essencers).

Prices apply regardless of how many charges were left on the item before recharge.

FORGING (customer supplied ore). 50 gp per ore used (customer gets

weapon or armour to full health). If we get weapon to full health, 100 gp

plus actual cost at weaponsmith or amourer. Unsmelting weapons or

armour - 20 gp per ore obtained and returned to customer.

Prices quoted are estimates only. Your actual cost may vary as prices are

totally up to the discretion of the servicing Loremaster. Feel free to

negotiate final prices BEFORE SERVICES ARE RENDERED. Ask

about quantity discounts and possible barter deals. Watch for details on

our \"Frequent Quaffer Club\" (TM) and our \"Adamant Credit Card\" (TM) programs.

Loremasters will generally provide services \"pro bono\" for the very young.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Midsummer, in the year 1037.