The "ban.

Yairi, don't blame me for not making a hasty decision when I explained I wouldn't be prepared to.


routes messaged you when Mirrigold informed me there was going to be a meeting of the GM of all guilds to discuss this matter. And informed you then, that I would make my decision.


routes did post that I would stand behind the individuals of my guild and their decisions, which, if you read the posts, or had access to any of them, you would now this was supported by all but one.

So, don't call it indecision when I see a bigger picture here are work, and refused to be pushed into a corner and make a hasty decision that I truley didn't, and still don't see in the best interest of our guild, it's members or our respective home c



routes gave you my reasoning for wanting to make the right decision regarding other issues around this, and cause and effect that would affect our guild it's members, and our city, and, you, as with Aerian, abruptly left any talks on this. In short,

we had nothing to gain, but everything to lose, either way, and your treat to march on us, prooves that.

Sheigh, Guildmistress of the Alchemists, A Proud Mercinaen, and For the Sea.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Cloudburst, in the year 1037.