Potion Ban.

Alchemist Sheigh, Sailing on the Sea's Windto Everyone

Well, Well, I figured it was time I posted on this, but this post isn't an answer in either way, let me be clear on that, right off the top.

When I was approached by Aerian, about this ban, I told him I would give it careful though and considereration, do my homework on the situation and ask my guild members their feelings and would get back to him.

And I explained to Aerian, and you yesterday Yairi, that this wasn't an easy or a hasty decision to be made, and that is would take some time, mainly, because of the possible consequences of the ban affectiong our guild, it's individuals, and the city

most of our members call home if we decide to or not to support this ban.

Now, if in wishing to make the best decision for the Guild that has entrusted me with it's leadership, the growth and the development of it's members, and the city most of us call our home is spineless, consider me spineless, for I will not make a has

ty decision as a result of someone jumping the gun.

So, at this point, I trust my fellow alchemists to either support the ban at thier own descretion, as I know they all too have the best interests of the guild and their home cities at heart.

Sheigh, Guildmistress of the Alchemists, For the Sea.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Mournsend, in the year 1037.