what else!.

Loremaster Yairito Everyone

Look, let's make this REAL simple. I ask everyone to please try to follow

this logic.

The 4 banned poisons aren't all that important to the Loremaster

profession. In fact, we'd probably LOVE to see these poisons available

in only very limited quantities or not at all. The Loremaster potion

ban is, in reality, a SERVICE to all of Avalon in that we are standing

up to the hypocrisy (at best) or nefarious plans (at worst) of two guilds.

Both the Rangers and Bandits insist that the basis for the ban is

scarcity. But a BAN is not the answer to rarity. Several reasonable

people have posted wise words suggesting that rarity should result in

high prices (as with ucklice) not prohibition.

If the Bandits and Rangers TRULY believe these poisons are

essential to their own profession, then they could simply REFUSE to sell

them, or sell them at a ridiculously high price instead of hiding behind

their BAN (which does not apply to themselves of course anyway).

Why don't they just admit to their desire to covet these poisons for their

own? Simple. By claiming rarity, they can grab the moral high ground

and not risk (so they believed) sanctions from OTHER guilds.

Rangers and Bandits are the only guilds that can pick these poisons and

I have heard it said that a thief (or ranger) really shouldn't have to be

poisoned by something HE HAS PROVIDED. This is actually a very

valid point. But how do you think a Loremaster feels when his shop

is robbed by someone with a pill? Or when he is astralbonded or traversed to?

Well we can sanction hard boys and girls. And we sanctioned ALL

of Avalon, not just the guilds in question to drive our point home.

Judging by the number of posts and lovely messages and tells we are

getting, I think our point is being made. The potion ban will be lifted

when the Bandits and Rangers guilds come to their senses and stop

hiding behind this transparent poison ban.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Mournsend, in the year 1037.