Abject Stupidity (in my opinion).

Miracle Worker Mestopholies, Sage of Compassionto Everyone

I do not believe the Stupidity sweeping the loremaster profession these days especially starting with the loremasters. The Forests get burned, herbs and poisons become rare and then they go off and say because we can't whine and get what we want and

the Bandits are being too sensible by not letting sorcerers evoke for thakria alone we should start a whole load of rubbish about a potion ban.

I don't see you mentioning that we should ban because we can't have wurtfoil in our pouches (isn't that the ultimate in healing herbs) and we can't have lestagii often because it is picked to near extinctions... and what about the current shortage on

herbs due to burning we are well happy with that...

Listen to Me stop this insane rambling on. If my guild supports the ban I will leave it because my compassion dictates that I cannot refuse a healing potion of any kind to people if they need it (I can refuse a bottle if I don't have one but not a re


I know how hard essence is to make as I make my own quite a bit... well why don't we just get every city to give the bandits and the sorcerers essence to evoke and split the herbs between all cities and the bandits and sorcerers themselves...

Just a stupid idea to go along with all the mental breakdown that seems to be going down lately... all I can say is TO HELL WITH THE BAN.

Yours in Compassion and Strong words,

Mestopholies, Sage of Compassion

Written by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 1037.