Artisan Allanon, Of Springdaleto Everyone

Whilst I still need to dicuss with some rangers and bandits as to whether

in fact some conering of the market is taking place (I know things are meant

to be rare but echoing yairi's post in most fights where bandits have been

involved there appears to be no shortage of nann etc to stab in my back)

my thoughts are as follows:

If 2 professions are seeking to strengthen their influence and effectiveness

by \"controlling\" artifically or not the supply of certain poisons then it

is surely fair that other professions, namely Loremasters, re-evaluate

our role and the possibilities of being less taken for granted and

improving our lot generally.

I am not convinced a general ban as a reaction to the poison \"ban\" without clearer

objectives is totally the right thing and would welcome discussions between the loremaster

professions to clarify a strategy and goals.

In the meantime I shall go along with the spirit of the ban whilst seeking

information from bears and bandits as to exactly just how organised the

actions of their guilds have been.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Mournsend, in the year 1037.