Service Ban.

Evil Aerian, Gateway to Hellto Everyone

Arthor is correct in stating that Nann and Grimleaf are important cures

to afflictions as well as poisons that would \"strengthen\" the Bandits and

Rangers Guild if withheld from the rest of Avalon.

People are missing the point here. It is not what these poisons do

or what the Loremaster \"do\" with these poisons.

What we are effectively trying to show the rest of Avalon is what

\"free\" services we have been providing everyone and that we are not

going to stand for other guilds withholding their skills from us if we

offer our skills day in day our. Elixirs, Runes, Alchemy and Forging.

These poisons may be scarce. We have offered to get these poisons by

providing essence so that they can be evoke and picked - we have been


The Loremaster Profession rarely agrees on anything. Why Bandits and Rangers

have each and every Guildmaster seemed keen to go ahead with this ban?

Im sure the \"our\" ban will be lifted once you have thought about the

implications of us conserving our \"rare\" skills a little more.

Evil Aerian, Gateway to Hell

Written by my hand on the 29th of Eleuthral, in the year 1037.