Grimleaf and Poisons.

Sajora, Forever of the Dawnto Loremaster Yairi

Sigh, I really do hate posting but what im curious about is the concidence of your

need for this potion ban. I find it odd you get so upset about grimleaf the day after

I kill you using it as one of my main attacks. Is one death to you so bad? If a mage

kills you using rits do you ask them to not use them anymore? If you die to a tactic

you read your log file and better learn how to defend against it next time. Its what

makes combat in avalon so enjoyable. The ability to learn and stradegise.

Im a bit confused on this grimleaf issue. I'll admit I have a great supply of grimleaf lately

because ever sense I returned to the land and as both of the Rangers and the Bandits

guilds worked out this agreement so overpicking to extinction wouldnt be used anymore

was because i spent hours and days and weeks planting grimleaf in forests all over avalon

and all of them are over 20 per location and all of them havent been touched by anyone

cept myself. What I do with what I plant should be my own personal affairs and not

worried about by you and other skillsets.

But this ban and the reaction from the loremasters doesnt add up. The ban is for offensive

poisons only. We do not ban herbs, because everyone should have the right to protect

themselves. We could ban denallo, athillias, kelventari and that would have the same

devestating effects to all of avalon as your ban of immunity allheal and the other ones listed.

ignorance full you want to limit what you give out to hurt us. Make it even to our ban. Bann any offensive

and the rest of avalon does not suffer from our bann. If a ranger or a bandit not having poisons

put the same in sack as a sorcerer without his demons, A knight without his jj or a mage without

his rits. All it would be is just poking each other with weapons.

Im not good with diplomecy but if vomiting bothers you that bad Yarri take some tums.

ignorance full it makes you happy Im out of nann *wink*

Written by my hand on the 26th of Eleuthral, in the year 1037.