and all others concerned.

Loremaster Yairito Ragar, Claws of the Sea

Please get a grip!

There are 31 different kinds of potions. The ban we are talking about

includes only four of them. Let me list them AGAIN.


Now let me explain something to you. We (loremasters) have perhaps

5 or 6 active fighters. We don't have rituals, our staves have been

downgraded to a ridiculous level, we don't have JJ, we don't have

treetops or sewers, we can't blow smoke, and we WILLINGLY share 90% or

more of our guild skills with the rest of Avalon. Yes you share SOME of

your poison and herb skills, but we share far more skills than you do.

Why is it that we are evil for reserving the fruits of a few of our

skills and you are noble for doing the same?

Give us the abilities to yank thieves from the sewers or traverse to

the trees and perhaps we'll be moved by your plaintive cries of limited

skills. Rid this land of the visor and full ignore skills and we'll gloat

over the power of our runes. Give us potions worth splashing and we'll

rule the entire land. Until then, please gimme a break. All skills

are vastly over- or under-powered, depending on your perspective.

Consider the consequences if we decided that all magic items, potions

and runes that we make were for our professional use only. Or that

only WE get to use the swords and armour we make. We aren't

proposing those measures and will not unless we are forced to do so.

Up north we brew our own essence. I certainly can't speak for the

Alchemists, but if you refuse to give them essence for joining in this ban,

then I suppose they MIGHT refuse to mix health, mana, meditation,

physical, etc. etc. as well as the FOUR banned potions.

And one final thing. THIS POTION BAN IS IN YOUR HANDS.


Oh, and the Loremasters, Craftmasters, Alchemists and Artisans aren't

burning the forests either.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Eleuthral, in the year 1037.