Ragar, Claws of the Seato Loremaster Yairi

Let me explain something. we (rangers) have perhaps 5 or 6 active fighters. we dont have rits, we dont have runes, we dont have staves, we dont have jj, we have the ability to apply poisons in multiple ways, that is th basis of our skills,

The fact that sajora had 13 grimleaf in open suggests she forgot to inpouch after picking, probably from about 4 locations to get that much, scolds sajora, we dont have to carry it in our hands to use in fights. all of our attacks include outpouch and

inpouch commands, not having them sit in our hands.

Wyldefyre is correct, we have limited the picking, our pw contingent is responsable for repicking and planting strictly for regrowing purposes, not for distribution to fighters, that is our rule, fighters must pick for themselves what they use in comb

at, and we go through alot of poisons. what seems like alot to you is barely enough to get through a couple of fights to us.

Before you say well learn your skills better, these are our skills, by learning them better we go through even more poisons. if a ranger has 20 grimleaf they are lucky, and that may get them through 3 or 4 challenges or 2 jumpings.

Now as a guild we believe in the preservation of these poisons and herbs, it not nobel or saintly, its our job, its called roleplaying. rangers care for the forests, its a basic fact of our characters. If it grows we are responsable for its health, p

rotection, and advancement.

I would agree that people have gotten fairly jaded in regards to the lm profession. I see some pretty nasty tells from folks that dont get potions as fast as they want, like an alchemist is a fast food service. In that regard you have my sympathy, it

is the same with us for poisons and herbs. I supply probably 30 people for free on a regular basis, supply 4 shops and a guild, chuckle. I feel your pain there.

I will live without potions if that is the cost of keeping the forests and poisons and herbs healthy, shrug, I die so much now it wont really affect me that much.

However I will tell you that you will bring anger and resentment on your profession, not understanding. I speak from experiance, but its what we accept to hold up our beliefs, if you truely believe in what you do, then you will accept it too.

I myself have donated massive amounts of essence from city to alchemists guild and silver so that the things they provide for citizens is not out of their pockests. It is probably not enough , and certainly doesnt justify rude behavior from anyone ask

ing for services of you or anyother lm.

However how do the alchemists of merc deny potions when city supplies the essence? that is strange

I dont know how ya do things up north, but if alchemists join the ban, we will certaninly not supply essence, however that is their choice not mine or anyone elses.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Eleuthral, in the year 1037.