OK I lied about it being my last post of the night.

Loremaster Yairito Ragar, Claws of the Sea

If the poisons in question are so rare, then tell me why the rangers

and bandits also don't forego usage until supplies recover? Wouldn't

that be the truly just thing to do? Wouldn't that allow supplies to

rebound even faster? I have already stated that I agree with your right

to impose this ban, but please don't paint yourselves as being

altruistic and noble here.

I strongly object to your saying that I am punishing people.

This was not my decision. The decision was made in a meeting

including guildmasters from the Loremasters and Craftmasters guilds,

and a deputy guildmaster from the Alchemist guild. Several guild elders

were also at the meeting. The only guild not represented were the

Artisans because none were on at the time.

Believe me, there were proposals made that were far more radical

than the one implemented. Total potion bans and total item charging

bans were also discussed. I honestly think I was one of the LEAST

radical in attendance.

Although this potion ban was prompted by the poison ban, it is not just

about your ban. I discovered at this meeting that most members of

my profession feel that they are constantly taken for granted and often

treated like CCCs by other people. We almost always mix, charge, and

fashion for free, yet we have to buy herbs and poisons from the very

beneficiaries of our services (at least from some).

We have lost many skills over the years yet we continue to share our

profession-specific skills with others. We now realize that we have

the power (as do your guilds) to affect the flow of Avalon in a large

way. We choose to do so at this time.

Should the Alchemist and Artisan guild not officially accept this ban,

then the ban will, of course, fall apart. But I believe it is time

for those of us who provide goods and services that greatly boost YOUR

skills, to be recognized for the value we provide and the power that

we wield.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Eleuthral, in the year 1037.