poison ban.

Wyldefyre the Gentle Bearto Loremaster Yairi

The poison ban affects the Rangers Guild as well. To whit. None are allowed to pick or use the poisons as they need to gtow back.

Our fighters can attest that myself and others have refused to give any of banned poisons to any member of our guild.

As for herbs that are endangered right now, there will be a very short supply of megillos, ikirax, wirren, iorthir, kelventari and lestagii to name a few.

I am mot refusing to give these herbs to anyone. they simply are non-existant in 90% of avalon.

So stop pouting if you only got 2 yavetlation when you wanted 20 and thank those who burned your posisns and herbs supplies.

They werent ranger, they werent bandits.

You know who they were.

Cordially, Wyldefyre. Speaking for herself and not the rangers Guild.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Eleuthral, in the year 1037.