your conclusion.

Kal Zakathto Sir Constantine

You are not wrong that I jumped the whole lot of you whilst you were bashing.

However you are wrong in thinking this was the first time I fought Dunccan.

Our conversation and combat took place prior to me attacking your group.

(Prior as in many days before)

I was merely pointing out to Dunccan (who IS relatively small) that if wishes

not to be involved in fighting much larger players, then the ball is in his court.

He had to option of being left alone to grow (by me) clearly explained to it. He

chose not to take that option and quite clearly knew and accepted the consequences.

As for you and your guildmaster whom I jumped, you are large enough not to have

these options extended to you. (Notice that the smaller players following you on the

bash were not attacked and invited to leave via Mirrigold's portals)


Written by my hand on the 24th of Agamnion, in the year 1036.