Speaking up.

Greetings Sir,

You stated that if we, citizens of Parrius, do not speak up nothing will stop this 'hammer'.

Perhaps we have spoken up, to our government, and that is why this 'hammer' is going to come crashing down on all who we feel have wronged our fair city.

It seems to me that all of you assume since we do not post as frequently on this public forum as the rest of avalon, that you think think we sit idly by while one man calls the shots.

However, i believe we just know how to keep Parrian issues just that, Parrian.

To thine own self be true, lest your blades sing without passion and your actions be unguided.

For the sea, the warriors, and Parrius.

Sir Diocletian

Written by my hand on the 19th of Leaflost, in the year 1036.