Constantineto Zenichiro, Master of Lore

Please don't lie Zenichiro, You know the truth behind this whole matter. Kes has nothing at all to do with the city of Mercinae, He hasn't been a citizen in over 15 years now, well over 6 rl months. He is a citizen of Nowhere, and quite happy as one.

Now why Kes robs your harvest, it's because of personal feelings he has towards you, Marie and other Parrian citizens, you know that, we know that, Only you would try to turn that around as a reason to start a war.

Obviously that wasn't a good enough reason for you and your other Comrades, so what do you do ? You and Tukar spread \"rumours\" through several barons, about how me and Randon kill Parrian men \"every time we pass through\". Obviously you failed to look

up on this matter, because if you did you would find I haven't killed ANY Parrian men in well over 3 rl months, and Randon has NEVER made ONE hostile act towards the City of Parrius, yet he was enemied based entirely on these ridiculous accusations.

Talk amongst your citizens and you will find that many have Knights whom they would consider friends. Hmm, Seems these citizens must have missed that meeting when you were deciding whether to raze the Knights Guild ? Perhaps you should ask them for th

eir opinion about the War because it seems their votes must have gotten lost in that Democratic Institution you got going on over there ?

Have your stupid War if you must fulfill your shelfish desire to be the next Hannibal, Zenichiro. Just keep in mind me and my Brothern will be waiting for you at our City Gates, and that We all know where you'll go if you happen to lose this time arou

nd, You'll go limping back to your Thakrian Rathole like a good little boy.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Leaflost, in the year 1036.