Ragar, Claws of the Seato Zenichiro, Master of Lore

Well , I see that much of the same old things have jumped up on both sides since your initial post zenichiro, I will respond without all the fan fare and ribbons.

Mercinae does not support the robbing of parrian fields. Mercinae does not accep any comms that have been stolen from Parrian fields. Kes in no way shape or form speaks for Mercinae. I recognise that you have acknowlaged the baronies stance, we have a

nd shall maintain.

Mercinae wants peace against a much larger army. thats a no brainer for anyone in avalon and there are no hidden meanings, we rather have peace than get invaded.

However we can not and will not sit passively by if we are attacked. thats not a big threat or promise, just simply is, if invaded we will fight till we can fight no more to defend our homes, same as anyone else. That is generally true of all and not

singular to our situation.

Jhor, smile . We always watch our north gate.

Last thing for some of my younger citizens that were not here. Kes was not forced to leave mercinae under treaty, just his government holdings. He left city for reasons of his own. I think most can figure it out after talking to him for 15 minutes or

reading one post of his. He hates zenichiro with a passion i have never witnessed before, its rather scary at times. sigh.

We as a city want peace, no suprise there. we will not roll over for it, but we will not antagonise if at all possible to avoid it. The actions of citizens hurt these attempts, every city in land has this issue to deal with.

For Mercinae and the Sea!

Ragar , Prince of Mercinae

Written by my hand on the 28th of Hindyear, in the year 1036.