What are these 'Mercinaen Fallacies' of which you speak? From your own post:

'Do you think the rest of Avalon is fooled into thinking that the majority of you aren't cringing at the thought of the Parrian army sweeping through your city?'

Unless the double negative was unintentional, you state that the majority of Mercinaens are 'cringing at the thought of the Parrian army sweeping through [our] city'.

Of course we are cringing at that thought. But our concern is not for ourselves as individuals. If it was, we would renounce our citizenship, and join the Thakrian or Parrian ranks.

We are thinking of our city, and those others who also uphold it. I did not become a Mercenaen to be on the 'winning side'. I did not do it for personal gain. I did so because I believe in the ideals of The City of Light.

Of course, if war can be avoided, then I, and many, many others, will be overjoyed. It will mean that my friends and my fair city will be safer. I am afraid for those I value and care for, and for my city. Not myself.

I am still very young, but I hold my beliefs strongly. Even if I were a Parrian, I should advocate peace in preference to war and the inevitable death and distruction that comes from it. Those that advocate war in my city - they are a select few. T

he leaders wish for peace, so do the commoners. We wish what is best for our fair city.

We wish for peace, and allegiance.

Yours, Eowyn of Mercinae, apprentice to the Mages - for peace and allegiance between Parrius and Mercinae

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Hindyear, in the year 1036.