The fallacies of the Mercinaen populace.

Stormlord Jhor, Rider of the Tempestto Everyone

Hrm, let's think a moment

Most of Mercinae wants peace with Parrius? What a surprise!

Do you think the rest of Avalon is fooled into thinking that the majority of you aren't cringing at the thought of the Parrian army sweeping through your city?

You are afraid! Why posture with your pitiful attempts for peace while some of your most prominent citizens instigate war every day? Just accept that in five years, an army of pirates is going to crush your city. again.

Oh, and you may want to watch your north gate, too ;)

Have a nice day!

Jhor, Lord of the Storm

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1036.