Mercinaens wishing for war with Parrius.

Eowyn of Mercinaeto Zenichiro, Master of Lore

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am saddened by the thought that any Mercinaens want to go to war with Parrius. However, from reading our city section, and speaking with others from Mercinae, I do not know of any who DO want war.

Perhaps I only think this because I am very young, and none of my Mercinaen friends wish for war. However, you have also stated that the barony itself is fair and does not wish to go to war against Parrius. It therefore seems to me that war is NOT i

nevitable - it can be averted, and the peace treaty extended indefinitely.

I will, of course, support Mercinae and my guild should war ever come to pass, but I believe it to be in the best interests of all that it should not. Those who will be hurt most from a war are the young, and the players that have not yet joined. Ho

w many fair and peaceful characters will wish to stay in a world full of back-biting, discontentment and disharmony?

Your quarrel seems to be with the Knights guild, and even then only with a handful of members. I have several friends from that guild, none of whom have attacked either you, or Parrius. Does their guild really deserve to be razed? However, if you s

peak of their guild in such a dismissive manner, is it a surprise that they begin to harbour resentment towards you, and by extension Parrius?

Perhaps it is time to forgive and forget - mutual apologies seem to be in order. It does not matter whether or not you believe yourself to be right - I am sure that each individual in this matter feels themselves to be wronged. I beg everyone involve

d to keep quarrels between themselves, not between cities. What can be gained by razing the Knight's guild?

As leader of your city, it is your responsibility to care for and protect those youngsters who would join your ranks. War is not the way to do this.

As I stated before, my loyalties lie with my guild and my city. I was not born into Mercinae - I chose to become a citizen there because I shared it's principles and ideals. I am very proud to call myself Mercinaen, and just as proud to be a Mage (i

n learning). I do not wish to see my city and guild ravaged by war - but I also do not want that to happen to Parrius.

I am not a pacifist - I am not pw, and I do not 'hide' behind DP. I will actively support Mercinae, the Mages, and the Knights against attack, to the best of my limited ability. But I see nothing to be gained from war.

I believe that the Parrian and Mercinaen principles are the same. They should be powerful allies, rather than keeping fragile peace through a limited treaty.

War is not an idea supported by our city - our prince and barony do not support it, and the common Mercinaen does not support it.

If you truly seek peace, you will disregard your quarrels with certain citizens, and embrace peace with open arms.

Yours, Eowyn of Mercinae, and apprentice to the guild of Mages - for peace and the allegiance of Mercinae and Parrius

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1036.