It has been apparent for some time that few voices in Parrius

can expect any right to be heard particularly in a public forum.

However I must express shock at the last paragraph of your post.

Whilst I can believe you singularly led the troops and probably

made the decisions to attack mercinae all by your lonesome

your arrogance to call Parrius' army \"my armies\" and to

describe Parrius troops not razing Mercinae as your personal granting of mercy

is amazing.

Did you alone enlist every man, harvest every potato and fish that made the

rations and polish to boots of every soldier - I would think not.

Now probably most Parrians even if they were upset by your attitude

would do little about it, however I would caution you about Marie.

Having felt her tongue many years ago when dwelling in Parrius myself I can

tell you it is not a very pleasant experience. Surely her work should

not go unmentioned.

However, until someone in your city actually wakes up I salute you, Emporer Zenichiro !

Written by my hand on the 6th of Hindyear, in the year 1036.