Kes and his raids on Parrian harvests.

Zenichiro, Master of Loreto Ragar, Claws of the Sea

I'd just like to publically thank Tahlveorn for clearing up the confusion

surrounding Kes and his little antics. Tahlveorn has assured me that Kes IS

a citizen of Mercinae, that the city IS happy to accept his stolen harvests, and that

while Kes aided by Tahlveorn IS free to attack me during harvests, I on the otherhand

would be breaking the treaty if I were to defend myself.

This is what happened during the last harvest and after my brief

conversation with Tahlveorn today I have no doubt that is what he plans again

this year.

I have only one question, did your city learn nothing when I granted it

such mercy and held back my armies from raping and pillaging?

Written by my hand on the 26th of Ilmarael, in the year 1036.