Mage Anjiinto Lady Koyen, Bloodhound of Thakria

I have no arguement with you, Koyen, but can I put a few things straight :

1. I have no hold over what Threap, Orinoko, Allanon and in fact any Springdalian or any player choose to do.

2. Have I killed you after a challenge ? (if in the unlikely event that I win against you)

3. My gripe against Wil is regarding CHALLENGES, not jumping.

4. I am a Mercinean and proud of it. If I wanted to be a Springdalian I would do so, but I don't.

5. Have I professed to be a great fighter? No, infact rather the opposite.

6. I would personally prefer it if the stronger fighters stuck to fighting amongst themselves so I am able to challenge players around my level. I actually said to Ragar after Threap jumped you and the other Thaks online that it left me in a situatio

n where I couldn't challenge.

Of course I'd prefer to be fighting within rits as they form a massive part of a mages armoury, and unfortunately after death and the loss of rituals it takes some time to dance them up again. But being a Knight you're in a great situation of getting

back up to full defs and attack potential very quickly. Even sorcs have an advantage over us in that they can summon death (and possible more) whilst dp, while mages are limited to certain candescences and charms.

I honestly find it very hard to fathom the thoughts behind your threats. Have I ever jumped you ? Have I not actually apologised to you and infact to Wolfric after you 2 have been jumped during or after a challenge ? I think you'll find that I'm a

pretty fair man.

Mage Anjiin

Written by my hand on the 10th of Leaflost, in the year 1035.