Sorcerer Wil the Entropicto Mage Anjiin

Simply to record with a bit of accuracy. Anjiin's challenge to me... The one I did not return? I never knew it was there. I was disconnected at the time, only to return I had died once, revived due to life potion, sustained all but 100HP of damage,

and Threap JJ me. First I heard about this challenge was on the BB.

excuse me... \"Only to return to find that I had died... \" that should have read.

Oh, and you are right Anjiin, as I'm sure you'll no doubt point out, after returning and finding what had happened, I did not lose DP to enter a mutual challenge with you, even with your promises that I would not be attacked by Threap, Allanon, an Com

pany. I had moments earlier watched Threap jump Arikarr right infront of me, while Arikarr was in a Mutual challenge with Orinoko.

Death loses it's flavour when so meaningless.

<sigh> I really must stop posting on the BB when so tired... I tend to rant it seems.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Leaflost, in the year 1035.