The Animist Cartel.

With all due respect, Maudeeb, the Animists Guild is NOT a pacifist guild. You make an active war on me and my brethren through your fasciest policies regarding the distribution of the wurtfoil herb. I hate the life and will do everything I can to s

tifle it. Killing animists is a necessity. I could not live comfortably with myself knowing that I was not doing everything in my power to destroy and pervert life. That is how I am, and it cannot change.

However, your guild has a power that no other guild in Avalon has. You have the power to DESTROY a person. You have the power to ruin the game for a person. You have the power to effect permanent damage on a person. The Gods are the only ones besi

des the Animists who can do this, and they rarely do. I do not mean to overstep my bounds, but I think I am correct in saying that they are pleased in seeing all manner of people thrive in Avalon. However, because of the way I live my life, you can

deprive me of something that is a necessity to life in Avalon. This is clearing unjust, unfair, not neutral, and not an act of pacifism. It is a campaign against me and those who think like me, and until the Blacklist is abolished I will burn the fo

rests and kill animists.

Honest Huzow, against the hypocrisy of the Animists

Written by my hand on the 5th of Leaflost, in the year 1035.