Misconceptions about power and practice.

Cardinal Dartanian, Clothed in Bloodto Everyone

There is a principal that has always applied in any government, in any time period, in any land. The strong set the rules. Its that plain and that simple. Those who do not see and understand this fact are blind.

Strength is not always measured in terms that we may think of, and its certainly not always physical strength, but nonetheless, the strong set the rules.

Avalon's history is long and storied and most, admitably not all, of Avalon's rich heritage is a story about how Thakria has over the years realized this truth and been the strongest city in the land.

A few years ago, we forgot that fact, whilst someone else learned it, and it cost us. I swore then to never forget it again. I watch now and I see someone else has learned it as well. The strong set the rules.

Beware Mercinae, the best you can hope for is a chained hovel in which to eat the fruit of weakness. You have no strenght, you cannot set the rules. Control those inside who would destroy you or your weakness will betray you, to one side or the othe


Parrius, well done. You have those among you who know the rule and I applaud the wisdom with which you stake your freedom and your power.

Dartanian the Historical Philosopher

Written by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 1035.