And like I said - many people were online - some of which were logging. Now you either claim that we all conspire to fake a log - possible but come on - admit it - a serious pain in the ass. Or we all submit our GENUINE logs if Allanon denies what hap


He's been online. He hasn't denied what he did again (which is curious as pilling to your temple if you are afraid and don't want to fight seems fair enough - admittedly intoning once there is a bit lame though)

Bottom line - no other sympathetic fighters online, Allanon stays DP. I abuse him with a couple more verses of his theme tune - he still stays DP. If he was frightened of being \"teamed\" ROFL then he could issue a mutual challenge - all his enemies pre

sent in Avalon would have happily taken him on one on one.

So yes Orinoko - type next, we have proven over the last few days how much of a cowardly teaming little worm Allanon really is. Something I knew 2 years ago, something I swore I would prove once I could beat him 1 on 1.

Allanon you are a joke, So are you Womble. Like I said, keep typing next on the bb and keep typing summon ship when you see me.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Skyelong, in the year 1035.