I now know why I dont post, and why I press next.

Ok, you obviously failed to see my point entirely, I wanted to make a serious point becuase it is something that makes me go, 'errr why?', no-one is gonna believe a log, they CAN be faked. If you had read my post you would see I deliberately said, 'No

w Im not saying you did this.

It was a general point made for everyone, but which you inspired after saying you were going to send a log to Lord Apollo r. e. Allanon. Now, I unlike some of the rest of you am not about to assume on Apollo or any other divinity's mind, but I wouldnt

even bother reading it, it's called uncoroborated evidence.

That point having been made and in recognition of the fact it sounded like I was making a point at your expense, i decided to add a little bit of frivolity to the end of the post, a little friendly banter if you like, since I thought that you unlike m

ost of the overbearing idiots that crowd this board might actually be able to appreciate it and might respond in kind.

Sadly I was sorely mistaken and you returned with the usual crap everyone else speels here. Well, as I return to my pressing next in the future, and my repeated ship rides (oh, no, a whole twice today), Ill wave this board an unfond farewell for the f

oreseeable future.


Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1035.