Arikarr the Blackto Tungar, Jester of Mercinae

Evil, as a concept, can only be measured by the moral values of

society. In this case, that society is Avalon, and it has some

curious moral values. After all, killing, stealing, robbing

and vandalism are a day to day part of everyones lives here, in

one way or another. Both the forces of so-called 'dark' & 'light'

perform equally outrageous actions on a fairly regular basis.

But surely to call such things acts of 'good' or 'evil' is to

measure them by the standards of our mundane RL lives? In reality,

evil is a label given to things that are socially and morally

repugnant, even unacceptable, such as murder or theft, but in

Avalon this is not so.

To discover what 'true evil' is in Avalon, we must find crimes

that are against the moral and social fibre of this reality, and

not of others.

I humble submit, therefore, that gratuitously killing a smaller

player, so you can watch them suffer, squeal, try to escape and

then see how long you can keep them from dying on such low, low

health whilst you find amusing ways to remove each item of

equipment they own is a truly evil and despicable act, one that

would cause many, many players to gasp in outrage, and might

even makes the Gods punish you for doing such. Why, it doesn't

even matter whether is was a smaller player or not these days,

with the advent of teams. Evil in Avalon is the act of commiting

such acts themselves, without regret, without mercy, and then

to revel in the reputation they bring, and to snort in derision

at the punishments that are heaped upon you by player and

mortal alike.

The last time such a being walked the world, he was called


Now, after considering that, I ask that you all, dear readers,

take a step back and think to yourself, am I truly Evil? if

you think you are, then the yardstick is there to be measured

by, if you think you are not, the yardstick remains exactly

the same length.

Surely then, there are none in the land who measure up to

this standard? surely there is no one left who has discarded

all sense of fairness, honesty, and sportsmanship utterly

in favour of a 'win by any means' philosophy? Surely there

is not a single inhabitant of this fantastic roleplaying

world that has reduced it to a simple game of getting a

'high score'?

I think the terms Evil and Good are not so appropriate

these days, but perhaps 'darkness' and 'light' are, and

we need to evaluate these in a whole new way.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Skyelong, in the year 1035.