parrius' citizens freedom of choice.

Wizard Rikki, Master Wizard of Parriusto Everyone

This is just a brief post ,because i know that whatever i say will not reverse ruling of marie .

I was eveicted from Parrius today,because i declined to help the movement of troops,by the way of parting water. As everyone knows i do have a split loyalty ,to my guild and to my city.

Also ,i'm a priest of Rhadamanthys,who's teachings does not look kindly to warfare and killings which will ensue.

So today,i question the freedom of choice that the citizens have. and to say i do not help in the city is very low. As i think a lot of citizens will vouch that i offer help in other ways. Providing young members with equipment and herbs free of charge

etc. I believe even custodians have owed me this favour.

It saddens me to see the city of parrius used by a few people in pursuit of war and domination. While the peaceful members of city are cast to one side.

I leave many friends behind, and wish them well! May my Lord guide me on the next major step of my life.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Paglost, in the year 1035.