Reason I did not return to parrius.

Wyldefyre Wylde about Warakurnato Marie of Parrius

I was trying to keep this private, but obviously other people have decided to resort to yells.

So be it.

I left parrius last week because I lost my temper. My fault. And I apolized. Both publicly and privately.

I have been sick, I have been exhausted, and I overheard a concversation and assumed it was a parrian without using eye.

After I quit, I was told by Tukar that I wasnt a good Citizen anywayas because I was a pacifist and therefor \"Would not defend the city\" and a \"Waste of space\".

I attemped after some thought and an apologyu, to talk to several citizens to find out if I was welcome back or not.

I had no indication I was welcome back and treated coldly.

Sheigh and Ragar greeted me, offered me kindness, compassion and citisenship if I wanted it.

I made it very clear that I would not participate in war actions, and even said I would not join Springdale.

I was greeted tonight with over 20 messages from Tukar calling me everything from a Turncoat to a person who *itches.

Then it became public yells that I was a liar, and that I was not to be trusted.

I had apoliged to Parrius and I am sorry if my friends dont want to be my friends anymore. I will always respect you.

As a Pacifist I am clear. I will not fight, So go ahead and blame the destruction of avalon on me. I am a baaadd person.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Paglost, in the year 1035.