a trend.

Wether right or wrong good or ill you will always notice a trend of increase jumpings and slaying during particular volitile times in history. I. E. when wars start or just finish up and the trend tends to simmer back down as the land returns to relat

ive peace and then will flair back up again. Your posts have the right intention of trying to get people to lay off the young(no challenge in it anyway) but at the same time you also look at things jaded. The situation can not be blamed even mostly

on one side or another. We all share the blame in some form if young ones are continually attacked and persecuted. Anyway my small bit in it all.

On another note I don't think we need each avalonian posting their experience as a youngester. I believe most of us share the similar story of big guys from the other side picking us off and trying to make things miserable for us. The best, patient

and strongest of us survive, improve and even make a mark on the land. The rest either carry on in misery or fade away to nothing.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Paglost, in the year 1035.