I make no apologies that I will attack anyone ranging from a peer

to much smaller than me - however there is always one qualifying

factor and that is they CHOOSE to get involved.

As a yougster you choose to come stop me felling or would

jump in the melee when fighting was in Thakria until you gained sufficient

guild skills to change from an annoyance to a threat.

I choose to take out threats and depending on the response will dish

out as much \"discouragement\" to mess with me as I deem fit.

You obviously seem to feel the need to go along with the lies concerning

both my role as Apollo's HP and the times I choose to visit my

patrons temple.

Given the potential sensitivity and the fact I have no wish to add to my

patrons hassles when in the land we both have a clear understanding of

things and I assure you if in fact I did any of the things which you claim

given the close scrutiny I am under it would be dealt with.

To yourself and your fellow \"rabid\" posters I don't know what you

are trying to achieve but your opinions I dont care about and the more

you post the more I know to carry on the good work doing what little

I can to further my cityies, friends and allies causes.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Paglost, in the year 1035.