Aredhelto Everyone
Greetings,   I haven't said anything about this particular way of getting out of fighting, but I think it is about time I said my piece.   Personally, I have only been in a proper fight with another player once or twice (gosh Im a nice person!) but I am frequently bashing orcs, evil mages, river bandits and the likes. Fighting mobiles so often sort of conditions you into running somewhere or trying to fight back even harder as, if you QQ, you come back to where all the nasties are and you have to start all over again as they have had a chance to rest etc. Therefore, in the times when I have fought other players, it doesnt enter your head (not mine anyway!) to QQ but leg it quick if you are losing!  Then you can rest, get someone to help you, set up an ambush, or whatever. adventure, like Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder, you dont turn the computer off when the nasty starts wiping out your characters - you retreat a safe distance, rest etc and try again. sing, then run to somewhere where a) the opponent

ant reach you or b) where you can work out how to defeat them. There we go, that's my view on the matter and I would recommend something along the lines of a timer as has been suggested already, Aredhel