I wouldn't be proud of staves if i were you, chump.

I put this off as long as i could, but allanon, your rantings are just so boring

You claim to have felled over 100 staves in thakria

Now, i admit that you did fell quite a few, but i highly doubt that there have been that many staves in the weeks you did it

Now here is a little story i have to tell

I walk into springtown, meet with no oppisition from any stave whatsoever

I proceed to kill threaps unicorn 5 times and blueskulls once, still no staves

I kill kay, the paladin guild tutor, 10 times and offer him to my patron each time

I then kill 11 springtown men i find walking around

Not to mention the someodd 25 or 30 mounts of springtownians i killed

And, now lookie here, no staves!

Listen, you filthridden artisan, I could care less how many staves you felled, You know that the second you put up a stave we'll fell it, so you just have decided not to put any up

Now heres a challenge, i dare you to put up 5 staves anywhere, and we'll see how long they last, eh?

Your faithful fan


Written by my hand on the 1st of Springflower, in the year 1035.