Never posted here, but I can't let your assertions about my guild pass without comment. For those who are interested, Huzow was deprived of our assistance for one month for killing an Animist just before Xmas. This deprivation ceased on 21 Jan.

At about 7:00am Avalon time on 27 Jan, I brewed wurtfoil in the Grove, a brew that Huzow was happy to attend. Those that doubt my honesty can check with Cordon, Creal, Diocletian, Flagg, Granne, Jenna, Rael or Skaman, all of which were present at the

same brew. Huzow arrived late, so some of these may not have seen him, but Rael and Skaman were definitely still there.

I am not going to try and fathom the reasons for your actions, which I admit are beyond my understanding. However, it seems that you are the epitome of all that is the Sorcerors, happy to accept our help while attempting to blacken our name with the r

est of Avalon. I will stay true to the philosophy of my Guild, which is to help ALL who need it and trust that the rest of the land see through your blatant lies.

Be well, brother.....

Written by my hand on the 30th of Mournsend, in the year 1035.